How We Help

At TOC Logistics International, Inc., each decision or recommendation we make is directly related to the data we’ve analyzed for that particular client, making it a truly custom solution. From an initial meeting to years into the partnership, TOC Logistics International, Inc. helps our clients’ with data-driven, evidence-based information and reporting to:

  • Expose immediate opportunities and engineer innovative solutions that help reach today’s corporate initiatives and plant level goals
  • Ensure the corporate and plant level teams are on track with supply chain improvement expectations
  • Drive new and additional savings to help meet year-over-year goals

This analysis-driven approach is implemented through FOUR important steps

  1. Identify – Our process begins by understanding your business, through a series of meetings, research and data analysis of the existing supply chain. From there, we identify immediate opportunities to help our client’s reach today’s corporate initiatives and plant level goals.
  2. Collaborate – Upon completion of the “identify” phase, we work closely with our clients to build specific and unique solutions based on what we have learned. Our solutions include the transactional execution within the supply chain, but we also strive to create additional value by providing the resources and tools necessary to stretch corporate and departmental budgets, while ultimately helping to meet short and long term objectives.
  3. Implement – Our clients expect a seamless start to their program. In most cases, our clients deal in “freight with consequences” which means disruption and exceptions in the value chain is inexcusable. Through best practices and lessons learned, we have developed an extensive and repeatable implementation process that ensures our relationship starts off right.
  4. Measure – Through the entire process, our clients help us understand what defines success as an organization and supply chain partner. We develop reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and milestones to provide visibility and ensure that our clients can track their supply chain improvement expectations. We believe in a transparent model that ensures accountability.

For us, partnership is about stepping beyond completing tasks and moving freight. We invest ourselves in building true partnerships that enjoy mutual understanding, collaboration and accountability.

To start a conversation about how TOC Logistics International, Inc. might improve your logistics supply chain, contact us here.