Four Tips for Optimizing Warehouse Inventory

Aug 22, 2019International Logistics

When the warehouse is productive, it benefits the rest of the supply chain. Optimizing your warehouse inventory will lead to business growth because you are able to save time and money while creating a stronger output. Our team has put together four tips to help you optimize your warehouse inventory for a beneficial ROI.

Reorganize Your Layout

Sometimes, the solution to warehouse woes can be simple. Organization is the key to ware-house inventory optimization success. Map out the layout of your current warehouse and begin to look for spaces that are underutilized or not utilized at all. How can you leverage those spaces to be put to work for your supply chain?

When the layout is organized in a way that benefits employees as well as stores more inventory, your warehouse will begin to work smarter.

Warehouse Safety

Products, tools, and people are constantly moving in a warehouse, so employee safety is vital. Since everyone and everything is moving, it creates the perfect storm for accidents to occur. Provide cleaning tools, install proper lighting, follow OSHA guidelines, and hold regular, consistent inspections. These help to create an environment for productivity while also optimizing your inventory picking and packing.

Establish Efficient

We’ve mentioned this before, but examining your processes can be a huge asset in warehouse optimization. The following five questions to ask your warehouse manager will get you started to create new, more efficient processes:

  • How is inventory being received?
  • How is it being placed?
  • Who is picking it?
  • Where is it being picked?
  • Can this be automated?

Utilize Data Programs

Data programs are a great tool for optimizing all parts of the warehouse, including your inventory. Before you jump into purchasing a data program, talk with your warehouse manager on what will be a better fit for your warehouse: inventory management software or warehouse management software.

Automating your warehouse will minimize manual check errors and can keep track of all coming and going orders.

Our expert team is proud to offer total warehousing solutions from fulfillment to distribution. Interested in learning about our approach to inventory management? Reach out to a team member today.


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