Meet TOC: Our clients come first

Jun 11, 2015News

Imagine… A business that puts their clients’ needs first. A business that believes in going the extra mile for their clients. A business that understands each client’s goals and delivers the results they expect. Now, imagine TOC Logistics. We do all that, and more.

Here at TOC, we are strong believers that in order to succeed and deliver the best service possible to our clients, we need to develop long-lasting, successful relationships with them by first understanding their needs, objectives and challenges. By doing so, we are able to better assist and provide the most beneficial and efficient opportunities.

If you are our client, then you are our focus. And we can demonstrate this in five ways:

  1. Each client is unique: No two companies are the same, nor should they be treated as if they are. We must first understand the client’s global supply chain and how TOC’s piece fits in. We like to keep each client’s best interests in mind and that’s why at TOC we provide custom solutions to meet their needs, while minimizing costs.
  1. Our clients are more than just a number to us: It’s important to us that before we start working with a new client, we develop a strong relationship with one another. That’s why, in order to better assist our clients, we prefer face-to-face interactions from the start. And that’s why we don’t use a bidding process to find the solution; we work together and use our global network to tailor solutions. Interpersonal communication helps ensure we deliver the best services possible and the results they want. Mainly, we want to understand who they are as our client rather than just a bidding number. With personal client connections, we are able to better understand the goals our clients hope to achieve and the challenges they would like to overcome. This allows us to create a solid strategy and put our solutions to the test.
  1. We go the extra mile: We don’t stop when we think there is nothing left to do. We do quite the opposite, actually. We continue to give our clients recommendations on how they can improve their supply chain, and continuously develop efficient strategies. And no, we aren’t perfect and we don’t expect our clients to be either, so we understand we will run into challenges. But, through our client’s trust and our business confidence, we can work together to create strategies that help avoid issues but prepare us for possible challenges.
  1. When no one is watching, we are still working: We are all about the end result and making those results as powerful as possible for our clients. And that’s why, even when 5 P.M. rolls around on the clock, we are still monitoring shipments and customizing solutions. We continue to work after hours to make sure we are prepared for any challenges or supply chain needs that may come up after office hours.
  1. Technology is our friend: Wouldn’t it be nice when you made a shipping arrangement, you knew the status as well? Yeah, we thought so, too. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to provide our clients with confidential, online access to the status of their delivery, current details and documentation related to your Through this, our clients are able to access the complete process of the shipment from the delivery to the invoice and have access to our company’s Tracking/Tracing system, displaying pickup and expected delivery of each shipment.

At TOC Logistics, we make our clients our first priority and continuously work everyday to build solid relationships with them. Why imagine a business that puts your needs before their own, goes the extra mile and understands your goals, when that business already exists?

When choosing a third-party logistics company, choose TOC Logistics International. With our clients as our main focus, we will be with you every step of the way.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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