Staff Spotlight: Mike Klage

May 23, 2020

The TOC Logistics team is filled with people who are passionate about finding unique solutions for our customers. Each and every team member provides a level of expertise that helps us go above and beyond for the people who depend on us—you.

Who better to demonstrate that dedication that Mike Klage, our Director of Solutions? Keep reading to meet Mike and learn how he helps you.

A Wide Range of Services

Mike is the head of our Solutions Team, and that means that he has a hand in a lot of the things we do to support you. Our Solutions Team works behind the scenes to develop and manage resources that support the rest of our structure and our customers directly.

“I manage everything from customer pricing, to carrier procurement, to our accounting team,” Mike said. “I also manage business intelligence, which is in charge of all of the business metrics, visualizations, tech development and software development.”

Essentially, Mike does a little bit of everything. If you’ve worked with us, Mike has had a hand in your account, one way or another.

A Different Approach

A lot of companies in our industry try to help customers by offering the lowest price. Mike and his team approach things a little differently. Our goal is to always provide a customer with a spend reduction.

“Spend is a result of the price but also the efficiency of the supply chain,” he said. “If we can find a way to build a more efficient supply chain, we see that we can bring savings to our clients in the 20-30% range. That’s a level of savings that’s impossible to find simply through providing a lower price per container.”

The TOC team uses this approach to present our customers with a higher value that what they’d get if they just went with the lowest bid. We want to save customers money in the long term, not just up front.

A Supportive Culture

Mike has a lot on his hands. That’s why we strive to provide a supportive culture for him and every other member of our team.

“We really create a family-oriented environment,” Mike said. “We put the employee and the customer first.”

Learn more about Mike by watching the video below, and then get in touch with us! We can’t wait to help you save money and optimize your supply chain.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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