Strategically Shipping High-Value Cargo

Jan 26, 2023Blog, Supply Chain Management

As industries continue to get more and more competitive, a lot of organizations find themselves diversifying their services. Sometimes, that means they have to learn how to handle different types of cargo, including high-value shipments (HVS). 

Luckily, our expert TOC Logistics team is here to help plan a wide variety of shipments, including high-value freight. Here are a few strategies that can help reduce the risk of cargo loss, damage, or theft.

Protecting High-Value Shipments from Cargo Theft

Obviously, it’s important that all shipments make it to their destinations without incident. However, the stakes are a lot higher when that cargo is a high-value shipment. By combining careful planning with a variety of security measures, organizations can ensure their cargo has a higher chance of making it out unscathed. One option is to expedite shipping. This helps minimize the risk of cargo theft, since it gives thieves less time to tamper with the shipment. 

Another method of protecting high-value cargo starts with ensuring the supply chain is as secure as possible. Implementing various security measures, like using dedicated trucks, carefully selecting and training carriers, and monitoring shipments using technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and GPS trackers can close any openings in the process and tighten security overall.

Additionally, hiding the value of the cargo and using multiple carriers are sound strategies to keep shipments safe, along with using sealed and enclosed trailers and shrink-wrapping valuable materials. Along the same lines, it’s also important to identify and mitigate potential risk areas. This can include choosing routes that avoid precarious regions and utilizing secure storage facilities. Think of it this way: if high-value shipments use the same carrier on the same route with the same trailer day in and day out…well, it gets a little too predictable for anyone looking to intercept that cargo.

Special Considerations for High-Value Shipments 

If a load’s value exceeds $100,000, there are a few extra steps organizations should take to protect their cargo. One option is to select appropriate cargo insurance to account for any loss or damages that could occur during the shipment’s journey. When in doubt, an all-risk insurance policy typically offers the most comprehensive level of protection when it comes to shipping goods.

Vetting and diversifying carriers, vendors, and suppliers can also help organizations that ship high-value goods. Good, reputable partners will employ a thorough vetting process to select the best drivers. They’ll also have processes in place to ensure equipment is updated to meet the latest security standards. These measures can help cut down on failed shipments and ensure cargo gets where it needs to be without incident.

We’re always happy to help provide tips for shipping unique, high-value, and challenging cargo in the busiest supply chains. If you’re looking for some insights, reach out to our team! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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