Team Spotlight: Kisa Cunningham

Nov 5, 2020TOC Team

Our team works tirelessly to connect organizations around the globe with the logistics resources they need to keep their supply chains operating optimally. We are able to offer this level of service to our customer because of the amazing people who make up our team.

In the past, we’ve introduced you to several of our smiling faces, and today we’re happy to introduce you to one more. Get to know Kisa!

An Inspiring Environment

Kisa has been with TOC for several years, and she still works hard to improve every day. In fact, she provides expectational service to our customers and doesn’t believe in “good enough.”

That’s partially because of her passion for her job. “My favorite thing about working at TOC is just the work environment and my coworkers,” she said. “This is probably my favorite job that I’ve ever had just because of the environment, and I get to be myself every day.”

We’re glad Kisa feels so comfortable! Our team focuses on creating a fun, supportive culture with a focus on family. We know our team members feel their best when they’re supported. Plus, when our staff shines, our customers benefit.

Continuing Progress

Kisa has always been a hard worker. Still, if excelling as our Operations Manager wasn’t enough, Kisa is currently in college pursuing her master’s degree. She’s utilizing our tuition reimbursement program to help further her education and her professional self. Way to go, Kisa!

While she may be in school, Kisa doesn’t let it distract her from work. “I’m proud to be a member of the TOC team because of the service we give our customers,” she said. “One thing that sets us apart from other logistics companies is that we work hard to continually update our customers and keep them updated. They appreciate us as much as we appreciate their business.”

It’s that drive that pushes Kisa to show up every day and do her best. “At TOC, we’re happy to come to work, because we’re happy to work with each other,” Kisa said. “We’re family, so I enjoy it.”

Get to know the other members of our team by checking out our Team Spotlight blogs here. When you’re finished, get in touch with us. We’d love to get to know you, too.



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