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Sep 24, 2015News

Gone are the days of pouring over a map trying to determine the most ideal route for your journey. Route optimization technology has been growing rapidly during the last decade. Whether you travel by air, land, or sea, route optimization technology is making that possible. At TOC Logistics International, we dedicate ourselves to having route optimization technology that goes above and beyond in maintaining the most ideal routes for your shipments.

What does route optimization technology mean though? Route optimization technology is highly valued in the logistics industry. Without an up-to-date and efficient route, we’re setting ourselves up to not provide the very best for clients. Route optimization technology creates enhanced solutions to supply chain nightmares, efficient travel times, and can extend into aiding the process of building pallets and loading shipments. The increased demands on the logistics industry can be met by the innovations made by route optimization software.

In using route optimization software, companies not only become more efficient, they become cost friendly to their clients. While automated route optimization software does require monitoring and the occasional manual input, it significantly frees up and optimizes time of whomever is in charge of route planning. As the variables that go into travel increase, it becomes exceedingly important to have an optimization engine that can handle the additional data with efficiency and ease. Route optimization software allows for the variables of the supply chain to be handled with instantaneous ease. Instead of hindering a company, it can allow them to flourish so they go above and beyond in meeting customer needs.

While manual routing will always be an important part of the logistics industry, it is important to accept technology that allows the improvement of customer service and efficiency. Maintaining the balance of manual and automated is one of the many ways that TOC Logistics stands apart when it comes to blending technology, efficiency, and customer service. We use cutting edge technology so that our clients receive up-to-date, efficient routes for their products, while maintaining a watchful eye to ensure that everything goes according to plan.


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