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Aug 27, 2015News

Building a sustainable business has become a popular trend across any industry. In the logistics industry, sustainability is ranked highly important. When it comes to transport, change is a constant complication as it refers to technology, laws, and policies. Many changes are beneficial for the industry, and some changes make tasks more difficult. Over the last twenty years, the sustainability efforts in logistics transportation have been focused on efficiency, route optimization and reducing costs. Although those efforts have not decreased, a key aspect has been integrated; focus on reducing environmental impact.

The transportation and logistics industry is no stranger to balancing environmental concerns with realistic options. With an abundance of issues to potentially address, logistic companies have had to find balance on being careful about their environmental impact. In an era where environmental issues are emphasized, being well balanced is no longer where the bar is set. It us up to logistics companies to rise to the challenge of working towards transitioning toward becoming more environmentally friendly.

The road to environmental sustainability is a complicated one that the leaders of the industry work diligently to find solutions that maintain the needs of the logistics industry, while reducing the impact on the environment. These bumps in the road mean little to innovators within the industry who have risen to the challenge of helping the logistics transport industry go green. New, more efficient engines are being engineered with the goal of primarily using biofuels. Various logistics companies are working toward pioneering the industry in going green by utilizing alternative fuels to power carrier fleets.

In turning toward environmental sustainability, there have been a number of discrepancies between air and water and truck vs. rail. It is through these debates that a number of issues have been uncovered that will need solving for the logistics industry to go green. In finding opportunities to collaborate and partner, the industry will find room for extended growth, efficiency, and increased sustainability for itself and the environment.

Third-party logistic providers and carriers are typically strongly committed to reducing their environmental footprint, a trait that resonates with the clientele. In partnering with the transportation industry to develop practical solutions that benefit all parties, effort can be made to keep the logistics transportation industry sustainable to serve its own interests, but also those of the environment.

TOC is always cognizant of our customers’ interest in sustainable and greener supply chains and logistics service providers. We continue to analyze the industry and watch for those areas in which we can help our customers realize their sustainability goals.


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