Air Exports

The Perfect Air Export Partner

TOC Logistics International, Inc. provides international and domestic airfreight solutions that are reliable and focus on both saving time and money. Our highly experienced, multilingual team is available 24/7 to assist with all air export needs.

By working directly with the airlines, our team is able to offer competitive air export rates and ensure that every step of the process is streamlined and efficient. Our team has built relationships with many of the top carriers in the United States, meaning TOC can provide access to otherwise unavailable industry discounts. With unparalleled, high-touch, customer service, the TOC team goes above and beyond to make sure the job gets done.

As your perfect air export partner, our team is dedicated to saving you time and money.


The TOC team provides:

  • Competitive air freight rates
  • Air charter
  • After hours on-call service, 24/7
  • Full tracking transparency
  • Domestic airfreight in 50 U.S. states
  • Hand carries
  • International airfreight from all USA airports
  • Cost savings
  • Efficient routings

Contact us to see how working directly with our air export team will help save you time and money.