Top Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and shippers from many other industries partner with TOC Logistics International, Inc. because of our focus on building solid client relationships and providing the best service possible.


Our approach to vested supply chain partnerships is to develop an understanding of your supply chain needs in a collaboration that results in proven solutions.

We recognize that all companies have different needs. TOC Logistics International, Inc. provides solutions for clients who focus on the “transactional” business for the lowest price and those clients who focus on supply chain improvement with a decrease in overall transportation spend.


When it comes to solving unique supply chain challenges for our clients, TOC Logistics International, Inc. shines. While many companies locate solutions through an RFP process or highest bid in an online auction, we look at the “big picture.” TOC Logistics International, Inc. personally meets with clients in order to fully understand their goals and challenges. Together we discuss options, conduct extensive information analysis and create a solid strategy. We then incorporate engineering and modeling so that our solutions come to life. It is through this process we solve our clients’ current needs and create avenues for ongoing improvement as well.


Our upfront, in-depth engineering process ensures immediate dollar cost savings that typically range from 15 to 30 percent… but this is just the beginning.

TOC Logistics International, Inc. is known for going the extra mile by continually analyzing your supply chain through evidence-based analysis. In other word, as our team of account managers gathers and analyzes your ongoing shipment data, we’ll make dynamic recommendations on how you can improve your supply chain, reduce costs and create better operational efficiencies. And while we are exceptional at tactical shipment execution, our clients receive the greatest value from this comprehensive analysis and ongoing management that drives the success of their supply chain initiatives and goals.

TOC Logistics International, Inc. takes into account that each company’s organizational financial goals can face a variety of challenges. These may include supplier compliance, buyer improvements, plant supply chain processes, limitation of resources and overall cost reduction pressures. And while we can’t tackle everything, we are very confident that if you provide us an opportunity to discuss your business initiatives and challenges, we can help you create an effective plan that will deliver results.

Some of the largest automotive companies trust TOC Logistics International, Inc. to help with their toughest challenges. Shouldn’t you?

We are dedicated to delivering powerful results for our clients. That’s why we exercise round-the-clock monitoring and ongoing analysis to maintain a well-rounded view of our clients’ unique business challenges and supply chain needs. Over the years, we’ve discovered that many challenges often exist because of special project-based work that falls outside the day-to-day supply chain operation and normal scope or skill set of traditional transportation providers. They require truly customized solutions.

TOC Logistics International, Inc. is equipped to manage all types of project-based logistics through our extensive internal capabilities and worldwide strategic partnerships. We are staffed with project managers that rely on Six Sigma principles to build the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain solution, customized to your specifications.

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Your supply chain runs on strong communication and innovative technology. And we excel at connecting our clients with the proper industry leading software to provide them visibility to key points within the shipping process. TOC Logistics International, Inc. has access to proprietary software programs that keep your shipments moving, while offering you confidential, online access to delivery status, details and comprehensive documentation. The technology tools available through TOC Logistics International, Inc. include:

Transportation Management System automates your supply chain process from order entry to invoicing. Under continual improvement by an in-house programming team, TMS streamlines logistics management, enabling your shipment details to be overseen at all times by our client service and operational staff.

Online Tracing/Tracking System
You and your suppliers have secure online access to TOC Logistics International, Inc. Tracking/Tracing system allowing complete visibility from pickup to delivery of each shipment.

Capacity Management
For better container utilization and lower transportation costs, TOC Logistics International, Inc. has capacity management software to ensure and increase stacking and loading efficiencies. It’s yet another way we provide efficiency gains, saving you time and money.