Any company can tell you they’re efficient, thorough, trustworthy and committed to your best interest, but it’s another thing to prove it. For over a decade, TOC Logistics International, Inc. has provided effective, intuitive solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and positively impact their bottom line. Discover our unique approach and why our clients love doing business with TOC Logistics International, Inc..

TOC Logistics International Inc. provides a level of visibility, unprecedented in the freight forwarding community. We create part quantity visibility from origin, near real-time access to order status and whereabouts via our online customer portal; and custom metrics tracking that measures supply chain spend and performance.

Where our competition tends to push as much equipment into the supply chain as possible, TOC Logistics International focuses on REDUCING the equipment in your supply chain. Our conversations and engineered solutions support a REDUCED SPEND, rather than a low price. By increasing container utilization to above 85%, our programs have proven to reduce the total number of containers used, which drastically reduces total transportation costs.

When customers engage our Solutions Team by providing critical supply chain data, we work together to create a picture, through intense analysis, that captures under-utilized containers, supplier release schedules that contribute to higher cost, and enables the Team to propose a “program” that improves transit times, reduces inventory carry and costs and reduces total supply chain spend.