Supply Chain Management

Whether your organization is seeking a fully vested supply chain partner, an extension of your supply chain team or simply a trusted advisor to offer solutions to a unique problem, TOC Logistics International, Inc. is your source for expertise, resources, processes and technology that creates intuitive and effective solutions.

At TOC Logistics International, Inc., we provide a full suite of supply chain management solutions designed to highlight our flexibility as an organization, while helping you gain operational efficiency, reach optimization and drive down costs. These logistics capabilities include:

  • Logistics management
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Technology – TMS, optimization, visibility
  • Carrier procurement and contracting
  • Routing guide development
  • Carrier score-carding
  • Route and mode optimization
  • Supplier management and compliance
  • Tactical shipment execution
  • On-site or remote management
  • Reporting

To learn more about the vast capabilities within TOC Logistics International, Inc.’s supply chain management portfolio, please contact us here.