Battling Rising Energy & Fuel Costs

Mar 31, 2016News

It’s no surprise that the energy and fuel industry is volatile and experiences fluctuating prices. Average Americans experience these woes each time they visit a gas station or pay an energy bill. Energy and fuel costs have been in flux for as long as anyone can remember, with prices always changing based on supply, demand and politics. As global demands change, so do the prices of energy and fuel costs. As logistics and supply chain providers use energy and fuel on a large scale, we’re subject to extreme fluctuations and battling rising energy and fuel costs.

While the rising energy and fuel costs can negatively affect the supply chain and logistics industry, there are many ways logistics providers can innovatively battle the fluctuating costs.

In being flexible, it becomes easier to accommodate fluctuating fuel and energy costs. By being efficient with costs, taxes, forecasting, and utilizing multiple routes, spending risks can be mitigated. Increased flexibility also helps improve the efficiency and optimization of the supply chain, thus helping drive costs down regardless of energy and fuel costs.

When battling fuel and energy costs, performing industry best practices is a must. Consider your shipping practices: as the costs of fuel and energy increases, making the most of your shipping practices is essential. Consolidating shipments can help reduce costs, increase shipment density, and can help maintain your bottom line.

The most innovative and effective way to battle rising costs is to find alternative methods and promote being environmentally sustainable. While there are still limited alternative fuels available, there are some that are effective fuel sources for trucks.

Additionally, being environmentally sustainable and utilizing alternative fuel or shipping methods can help reduce environmental pollutants, which will contribute to the long-term solution of battling rising energy and fuel costs.

By utilizing these practices, third-party logistics providers can navigate the volatile energy and fuel costs with minimal effects. In facing the challenges head-on, the impact of the rising energy and fuel costs is reduced.

At TOC Logistics, we pride ourselves on our efficient supply chain engineering that focuses on spending less, in order to minimize the effects of fluctuating energy costs. Though the energy and fuel industry may be inconsistent, we are not, which is why through superior planning and a focus on environmental sustainability, TOC Logistics is able to maintain the long-term business relationships we currently enjoy.


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