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One Platform. One Team. One Goal.

The international supply chain is complex. Defects, delays, and discrepancies are common for most large importers, yet even just a few of these obstacles can have a noticeable impact on operations.

We decided it was time for a change. TOC Logistics International, LLC. and Mercado have partnered to create the industry’s first Import Order Management System (iOMS). Our cloud-based platform connects manual supply processes with a highly digitized consumer demand network. This enables organizations to link their sourcing, procurement, and logistics teams and efficiently automate the management of their entire supply chain.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and educated guesses. Transparency is here to stay.

Visibility from the First Mile to the Last

A shipment’s typical journey begins the moment it leaves the warehouse, with Mercado iOMS, that journey can begin well prior the first mile. The Mercado iOMS connects all parts of the supply chain at every step of the process, so organizations can gain greater control over the first 120 days of an order and dramatically affect what happens further downstream.

From order placed to order delivered, you have total transparency and complete predictability over your products and your order.

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Improve Time to Market

Connect suppliers, partners, and products across your global supply chain and well prior the first mile of any shipment(s).

Gain clarity, control, and confidence by using the TOC and Mercado iOMS (Import Order Management System).

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Increase Sales

Tie products to customer demand. Experience inventory management with complete visibility, analytics, and transparency.

Reduce expenses

Reduce Expenses

Establish connections between multiple teams and partners.

Achieve your business goals with a fully connected, predictable, and digital supply chain.

A Centralized Solution that Fits Your Business

It’s time to create a single source of truth that connects your suppliers, external partners, internal departments, logistics providers and products with customer demand through a simple, easy-to-use platform. Our iOMS features customizable dashboards and quick links to ensure everyone gets the information they need when they need it most.

One Platform for All of Your Procurement and Logistics Needs

Online Procurement

Online Procurement

Supplier booking, ordering, production, managing shipments and more 

Our high-tech module is designed to equip your teams with a digital order and complete control over the outcome of your imports. It helps ensure suppliers produce and deliver your products to the exact specifications outlined in your Purchase Order.

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Online Logistics

Online Logistics

Invoicing, managing payments, receiving, visibility reporting, analytics and more

Mercado is also designed so your teams can plan and manage shipments with greater control. It helps ensure products arrive exactly as intended, it promotes more effective communication between all vested parties, and it allows for better organization within the supply chain.

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