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Jun 27, 2019Careers at TOC

You can’t have logistics without supply chain management. The logistics industry relies heavily on the supply chain in order to ensure that products and consumers are connected seamlessly. Supply chain management is not only an important part of the industry, it’s a growing career, thanks to technology.

There is a plethora of jobs that fall under the wide segment of supply chain management. All of which are extremely important when it comes to creating successful solutions for clients. We connected with our executive team to share what six supply chain management jobs look like and why you should consider a career as a part of a logistics team.

Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager directs and coordinates all supply chain processes. At TOC Logistics, we put a focus on creating unique processes for each of our clients by optimizing in any way we can. When our supply chain manager finds ways to optimize for a client, we are able to cut down on costs and time while also improving accuracy and safety.


Logisticians work closely alongside the supply chain manager. Logisticians gather and analyze data that the supply chain manager then uses to create optimized functions. Those in this role also review performance with customers and use that data to weigh against targets, goals, and service agreements. Logisticians are key in creating a strong and loyal relationship between a supply chain organization and their client.

Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerk

The clerk is a key player in ensuring that the flow of work is organized and expedited. They’re also responsible for making sure that all materials are available so the production schedule can stay on task. The clerk also arranges the delivery, assembly, and distribution of supplies.

Logistics Analyst

Similar to the logistician role, a logistics analyst spends the majority of their time analyzing data. Whereas the logistician works directly with the supply chain manager, a logistics analyst works closely with a database in order to identify and recommend improvements. Technology and this role go hand-in-hand. Learn more about related technology like AI and ML in our recent blog.

Purchasing Manager

When the production, planning, and expediting clerk arranges for supplies, the purchasing manager plans and directs the purchasing agreements with buyers. The purchasing manager represents the organization in negotiating contracts and creating policies when it comes to purchasing.

Customs Broker

A customs broker is someone who facilitates shipments and deliveries of goods across borders for individuals or organizations. The process of becoming a customs broker is long and requires a lot of training, but it’s a role that adds value to the organization. A license in customs brokerage allows a person to offer more strategic and reliable information for customers about international regulations. At TOC Logistics, we are able to define your needs, contain costs, and minimize your risk because we have supply chain visibility.

At TOC Logistics, we pride ourselves on our welcoming culture. Our industry can often be high-stress and it constantly changes. That’s why our core values work to combat the stress of logistics: value of family, diversity, ethical business practices, teamwork, and integrity.

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