Due Diligence in Customs

Apr 15, 2021Blog, Customs, Imports and Exports, Supply Chain Management

At TOC Logistics International, Inc., we are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations on every undertaking. Doing so means incorporating innovative logistics solutions whenever possible, as well as committing to the basics, such as performing our due diligence thoroughly each and every time.

What exactly does “due diligence” mean? As an importer, it represents a vast array of various checks and balances to help keep your investments safe. Read on to learn what due diligence means to you and what we do at TOC to ensure the utmost security in your supply chain.

It All Begins with Thorough Analysis
In the role of an importer, due diligence starts with thorough recordkeeping. Properly maintaining and organizing all of the invaluable information surrounding freight is an essential step in safeguarding it. Importers must also comply with and participate in rigorous security programs, such as CTPAT and also ensure correct classification, valuation, and marking of imported merchandise.

Audits are another vital method for importers to maintain due diligence. This includes spot audits of suppliers to ensure there is no forced labor or transshipment, as well as conducting random audits of entries to ensure that the broker is doing their job correctly.

What We Do to Meet Your Needs
At TOC, our processes and safeguards have helped us excel in due diligence, which has become especially important throughout the various challenges of the past year. Here are just a few ways that we continue to thrive in this area.

We offer centralized controls for the classification and onboarding of clients. Doing so helps us to ensure that new customers have a proper product dictionary set up in our operational platform. This maintains classification and Participating Government Agency (PGA) data, including things like admissibility codes required to submit to the FDA, amongst other vital information.

We also help importers write for rulings, whether binding rulings on classification or valuation issues. Whenever necessary, we work to proactively request information from importers, such as the classification of new products or technical schematics.

No matter the issue or concern, we are here to do whatever we can to secure your supply chain and help put your mind at ease. Reach out to your TOC representative today to learn more about our due diligence process and see how our services can help you navigate your freight needs with confidence.


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