GDL Announced Nationwide Strikes Through Friday

Mar 6, 2024Market Advisory

The German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL) has announced nationwide strikes. The rail cargo strike is scheduled to commence Wednesday, March 6th, and a general rail strike beginning Thursday, March 7th. These strikes are expected to last through Friday, March 8th. These strikes add to the ongoing dispute with national train operator Deutsche Bahn, further exacerbating the challenges faced by millions of commuters and cargo transportation services.

The primary issue at the heart of the dispute is the demand from the train drivers’ union, GDL, for a reduced 35-hour working week for shift workers at full pay. This demand aims to address concerns related to inflation and staffing shortages. However, negotiations with Deutsche Bahn have reached an impasse, with the company citing concerns about the feasibility of meeting the union’s demands. 

As the situation unfolds, it’s important to stay informed and flexible in the event of potential disruptions. We are actively monitoring the situation and our expert staff are diligently working to minimize any impact on our customers. If you have any questions about how this situation may impact your cargo, please reach out to your representative.


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