Growing Closer While Apart

Mar 11, 2021Blog, TOC Team

COVID-19 has been part of our lives for over a year now. It’s strange to think back to only one year ago and realize how different our day-to-day operations were.

Still, despite the ever-changing industry, travel bans, and work-from-home situations, our team has managed to band together to create some amazing bonds. Here’s how we keep our team close, even when we can’t be together.

Embracing the Change

When the world went into lockdown, our team followed suit. However, we quickly found ourselves in a unique situation.

When we started TOC, it was with the mission to create a different kind of logistics company. One of our focuses has always been on families, which means we designed our workflows to be easy to manage, no matter where our team is. It turns out this really came in handy when we were forced to go into lockdown. Aside from moving monitors and getting used to pets as coworkers, our team didn’t have to change our approach to our everyday tasks. That meant we could focus on operations, our teammates, and providing excellent services for our customers.

A Focus on Culture

When we talk about our different approach to logistics, it doesn’t end with operations. We think of TOC as a family that works together every day to achieve amazing results.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting with one of our team members, you’ll learn quickly that we aren’t ashamed to be ourselves. We laugh with each other and support each other when the going gets tough. It’s this culture that allows us to reach out to our coworkers for help or for innovative ideas. We check in to make sure our teammates are doing okay, and we’re there for a joke if they need cheering up.

All in all, we’re pretty proud of this family we’ve built.

If you’re looking for a group of talented, capable professionals to help you get through this historic time, reach out to us. We’d love to make you a part of our family.


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