How to Cut Down on Supply Chain Theft

Mar 21, 2019Supply Chain Management

Cargo theft can be a costly issue in the supply chain industry. It is important to understand where you are vulnerable and how you can create secure processes in order to cut down on theft. Our expert team knows how difficult and frustrating these situations can be, so we’ve provided steps you can take to ensure your cargo is safe and secure.

First, you need to understand which locations make you the most vulnerable. Based on a survey by The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, truck stops and highway rest areas are the most targeted locations for cargo theft. These locations account for over a third of all stolen cargo. The locations with the second highest amount of theft incidents are modal yards: trucking companies, and railroad or ocean carriers.

So, how can you keep your cargo from becoming vulnerable? We have three places you can start:

Begin with Employees

When in the hiring process, thoroughly screen all possible candidates. Cargo security experts share that a high percentage of cargo thefts involve inside information or cooperation.

Companies should also work to establish a security culture within your company. Start by providing security training for employees and education for truck drivers about hijack awareness prevention.

Move to Management

Management should be keeping a pulse on all aspects of the operation, including security. Management should be conducting periodic security audits as operations and personnel change, as criminals are continually coming up with new techniques when it comes to cargo theft.

Technology is a valuable tool and should be utilized, as you will be able to track vehicles and shipments. Vehicle immobilization and advanced, high-technology security seals are now available at lower cost. 

Examine your Transport Procedures

The selection of transportation partners and intermediaries should be done carefully as these companies have the control of your goods once they leave your premises.

When considering shipment routes be sure to factor in security. Cargo thieves are known to “case” known shopping points like plants, warehouses, and distribution centers and follow trucks when they depart. Thieves follow trucks until the truck drivers stop so that they can go after the load. To keep this from happening, do not allow your drivers to stop in known hot spots or the “red zone”. The red zone is the first 200 miles or the first four hours from their starting point.

Have questions on how to keep your cargo secure and safe from theft? Contact us today. Our team is CTPAT certified and in coordination with CTPAT we ensure we are providing secure and expeditious supply chain solutions for our clients.



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