Importance of Data Security in Logistics

Feb 21, 2019International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

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Information and data are the fuel that powers the supply chain industry. Data is a highly valuable asset to your company, and if it is not protected properly, you are left extremely vulnerable. Forbes reported that hackers have put transportation and logistics on a target list: in 2017, two large, international transportation and logistics companies dealt with massive data breaches.

Data security is a growing focus around the world, and across a wide variety of industries, and our expert team would like to share how you can prepare and protect your supply chain from data threats.

Know What Makes You Vulnerable

In our industry, there are three main vulnerability points: employees, systems, and software.

In order to keep data safe, employees should receive regular training on how to avoid hacking attempts through email and phone communications. This training is a great first line of defense.

If you are not utilizing an updated management system, be sure to upgrade your system as soon as possible. Outdated systems are relatively easy to hack, so your important and sensitive data are left vulnerable. By upgrading any of your updated systems you are able to protect your data.

Software is vital to the supply chain and finding a software partner you can trust is key to protecting your data. When using software, ensure that you are working with systems that offer SSL certificates, password protection, and use VPN.

Create a Plan

While no one wants a data breach to occur, having a precautionary plan in place is vital for the continued success of your company. Begin with listing what would be left behind in the event that you are hacked. Remember, hackers often wipe all information, so having backup files, or event printed documents, can be helpful.

If you are upgrading your management system, make sure that the system offers a way to secure your data as well as offer backup protections.

Cybersecurity in the logistics industry starts with you and your employees, as you are the first line of defense against data threats. Continual education and trust in your employees coupled with a verified, trustworthy, and protective management system are the best ways to keep your company from being vulnerable to a data security breach.

Our expert team knows how important it is to keep both our data and our client’s data safe from security threats. We have prevention measures in place to minimize risks. Interested in learning how we keep data safe? Please contact us to further the conversation about the importance of data security in logistics.


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