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Feb 25, 2016News

Omni-channel logistics operations utilize an innovative supply chain that allows for global fulfillment, global delivery management, e-commerce development and uses a central stock pool to control all the variables. Started by brick and mortar retailers, omni-channel logistics operations began as an initiative for trailers to improve integration between their stores and e-commerce channels. The goal is that when a consumer buys online they can pick up at the store, have it delivered to their home, along with several other delivery and fulfillment options.

Where does this leave retailers and logistics organizations? This means that your orders from the organization’s retail channels are fulfilled and controlled through the stock pool that acts as the center of the omni-channel logistics operation. The ability to manage stock, order, fulfill and maintain competitive prices becomes increasingly simplified thanks to the additional control offered by the omni-channel logistics operation’s stock pool.

E-commerce is rapidly coming to require on-demand, real-time supply chain efforts to stay competitive and meet consumer demands. Omni-channel logistics operations help organizations meet the new demands and exceed consumer expectations. Omni-channel logistics operations extend beyond simplifying how organizations can meet consumer expectations. They have also revolutionized the e-commerce supply chain to make it more efficient and to incorporate the use of technology to increase visibility and transparency within the supply chain process.

Omni-channel logistics operations encourages inventory and supply chain visibility. This pushes retailers to have a clear understanding of their stock levels, thus allowing for efficient order fulfillment and providing the best chance for the product to arrive at its destination on time. Additionally, omni-channel logistics encourages retailers, warehouses, and logistics providers to become more innovative with their supply chain process to sustain their delivery speeds. By segmenting warehouses and using cutting-edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) technology retailers and logistics organizations are able to sustain delivery speeds by using these innovative transportation solutions. WMS and TMS technology help support the ability to provide customized transportation solutions that sustain the need for efficient delivery speeds while providing the solution that is the most ideal for the individual consumer.

By utilizing omni-channel logistics operations and being an expert in the field, TOC Logistics helps organizations access the expertise and resources needed to manage their e-commerce supply chain from beginning to end. Whether you need a consultation to better understand how your organization needs to grow or you’re ready to take the next step towards using omni-channel logistics operations, TOC Logistics is here to help. Contact us to today to see how our services can be customized to meet your unique supply chain needs.


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