International Relations – Sustainability Best Practices

Sep 1, 2016News

Staying sustainable is one of the highest priorities of most businesses. As an organization, you must be able to sustain your growth and success. More commonly, sustainability has often been referred to in the environmental sense, where sustainable refers to reducing your negative impact on the environment, avoiding wasting resources, and saving energy. At TOC Logistics, we believe the best sustainability practices come from doing what is necessary to promote business growth while finding solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible for the supply chain industry. Twenty years ago, being environmentally sustainable as a supply chain organization was nearly impossible due to the lack of technology and resources. Now, thanks to many new laws, policies, technologies, and innovations, the logistics industry is finding itself able to improve their efforts as a whole to optimize routes, decrease energy use, and overall provide more environmentally sustainable options.

Throughout the supply chain, efforts are being made to collaborate and help improve the industry as a whole. New, more efficient engines are being engineered with the goal of primarily using biofuels. Alternative fuels to power carrier fleets are being researched to see if they could be a viable option for transport to reduce the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels. More and more, third party logistic providers and carriers are becoming committed to reducing their environmental footprint. This helps the overall industry of staying sustainable as this is something that many of their clientele feel strongly about as well.

While there are many efforts being made to reduce the overall environmental impact of the supply chain industry, at TOC Logistics, we have already found one way to help reduce our negative impact by improving our efficiency. Thanks to the cutting edge technologies and big data capabilities, TOC Logistics has been able to embark on a campaign to become completely paperless, while operating as a highly effective and efficient organization. Many of our options are highly customizable, and help improve how our shipping practices take place. By providing these efficient and customizable options, we are able to only use the resources that are absolutely needed to make our client’s goals a reality. This helps us decrease our environmental footprint while providing the highest quality of service on an efficient timeline.

TOC is always cognizant of our customers’ interest in sustainable and greener supply chains and logistics service providers. We continue to analyze the industry and watch for those areas in which we can help our customers realize their sustainability goals. Contact us today about how we can find a customized option to meet your goals.


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