Logistics Trends – Cloud Technology in the 3PL Market

Jan 14, 2016News

At TOC Logistics, we excel in being premier third-party logistics provider (3PL). We’re able to specialize in customized services that allow us to meet and exceed our client needs. Our track record as a third-party logistics provider for primarily Fortune 100 & 500 companies show the effectiveness of our programs and value of our client conversations. One of our most valuable assets to providing innovate solutions comes from the incomparable capabilities we’re able to utilize thanks to cloud technology.

Cloud technology has become a “must have” across countless industries and it has even entered into our personal lives. “Cloud computing is a for enabling convenient and on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that require minimal management effort.” Cloud computing allows for small and mid-sized 3PL providers to perform on the same level as global organizations.

The benefits to utilizing cloud technology as a 3PL provider are seemingly endless. Cloud technology offers a convenient option to storing and computing data as it doesn’t require a company to have its own colocation facility. This helps save 3PL providers money as they no longer have the need to establish their own data center or hire IT staff. Cloud technology also saves the day when it comes to staying organized and avoiding disaster. Should a data facility become interrupted, cloud technology allows for the cloud host provider to be able to save the day by providing back up and disaster services and reduce costly downtime and decrease the negative impact of data disasters.

It is thanks to cloud technology that 3PL providers can provide real-time inventory management and optimize their response time to handling demand fluctuations. The cloud’s ability to coordinate information allows for 3PL providers to provide immediate solutions to potentially harmful situations with no delay. This allows for minimal miscommunications and new opportunities to save clients from costly delays or missed savings.

At TOC, we’re determined to provide efficient practices that allow for superior solutions. Cloud technology has allowed for optimized data, increased cost efficiencies and a safety net that allows for us to mitigate unnecessary risk. We embrace new technologies to ensure we’re able to provide transparent and efficient logistics management to keep our clients in the loop every step of the way.


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