Logistics Trends – Global Trade Management Tools

Jun 9, 2016News

As supply chains grow increasingly more complex, utilizing tools to create efficient global trade management has become a “must have” for logistics organizations throughout the world. Global trade management services allow for increased visibility, which gives logistics organizations the capability they need to react to demand and potential problems more quickly. Quicker reactions from logistics organizations means increased efficiency and an increased bottom line for their client. There are many tools that are considered vital parts of global trade management, some of which include parcel automation, container prioritization, freight forwarding, and many of the various software that help logistics organizations improve their efficiency and transparency.

With over 30-percent of the world’s gross domestic product crossing borders, global trade is only growing increasingly complex and is not a supply chain trend that is about to end any time soon. Global trade is also more complicated and filled with potential risk than traditional domestic trade, so the tools that are needed for effective visibility and transparency are of the utmost importance. Global trade management tools make the promise to help enable logistics organizations add simplicity into global supply chain by using software to improve the visibility and customization of the process. This additional control and management helps logistics organizations save time, money, and become more effective, thus helping better serve the client.

Though the preferred software and methods of optimizing global trade management may vary based on the supply chain goal or the preferred technology from the logistics organization; global trade management tools make finding an integrated solution for import and export compliance less complicated and more customizable. Global trade management tools allow for the simplicity and extensive visibility of domestic supply chain to be accessible and obtainable on a global scale. While there is an assortment of tools that may be used for global trade management, it is important that logistics organizations understand what they are looking to obtain from their new software.

At TOC Logistics, we are focused on providing customizable options that serve our client’s bottom line while providing efficiency and transparency. When it comes to selecting which global trade management tools are best for us, we focus on identifying our needs for global trade, our benchmarks, and to select a software that will stay innovative rather than quickly becoming outdated. Finding the right tools for global trade management can be difficult, and effectively training the supply chain staff on how to use them can be even more difficult. Despite the initial potential downside of global trade management tools, the simplicity, efficiency, and visibility that become possible with it are well worth the implementation of a global trade management tool into your global supply chain.

At TOC Logistics, we believe in staying innovative so we can stay client focused and solutions driven. This mentality helps us benefit our client’s bottom line, prevent problems before they arise, and to go the extra mile in using software and analytics that adds simplicity into every supply chain. It is thanks to the effective global trade management tools that we use at TOC Logistics that we are able to provide increased visibility and customization to all our clients, be their needs with the domestic or global supply chain. Contact us to see how TOC Logistics can meet your unique supply chain needs.


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