Lowering Costs through Consolidation Programs

Aug 11, 2022Blog, Cargo Consolidation

When it comes to the supply chain industry, working smarter, not harder, is the key to success. That’s why we offer our consolidation and shared consolidation programs to save customers time and money on shipments that otherwise could drag down profits. Keep reading to learn how your organization can benefit from a consolidation program like ours.

Share Space, Lower Costs

Shipping can get expensive, especially when organizations need to ship small quantities of items that wouldn’t take up a full cargo container. Of course, most organizations know to avoid LCLs whenever possible, but that’s not always feasible when goods need to get somewhere quickly.

Luckily, this is where our shared consolidation program comes in. We combine LCLs that are going to the same place from multiple suppliers into one FCL. Then our customers only pay for the portion of the FCL their cargo occupies instead of the full price of an LCL. It saves money and gets goods on their way to their destination faster. What’s not to love?

Combine Supplier Shipments

Some of our customers’ organizations source materials from a wide range of suppliers who are often located relatively near each other. Our buyer consolidation program is designed to help organizations save money on shipping by collaborating with these suppliers.

We work alongside our customers and their vendors to figure out ways to combine LCLs into FCLs coming from a similar origin point. Did we mention this can have a huge impact on the bottom line? TOC Logistics’ customers who utilize our consolidation services often save 10-30% in shipping costs and transit times. Not too shabby!

Cut Down on Risks

When several LCLs are combined into an FCL, fewer containers need to be handled, stopped, and evaluated. That means there’s less opportunity for cargo to get damaged. Those who utilize our shared consolidation program often see fewer freight touches, faster CFS turn times, and reduced damage overall.

We’d love to work with your organization to find a consolidation program that fits your needs. Reach out to our team today to get started.


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