Most Influential Logistics Innovations

Nov 12, 2020International Logistics

It’s no secret the logistics industry has grown a lot over time. From the very first time an item was shipped in human history to today, transportation has been, well, on the move.

We love to look towards the future at TOC, but it’s just as important to take a peek at the past. Here are some of the most influential logistics innovations in recent history.

New Modes

We couldn’t write a blog about impactful means of transportation without mentioning the railroad, the invention of automobiles, the rise of the steam engine, or the first manned flight. Even the horse and carriage were impactful during its time.

Every time a new mode of transportation is created, the logistics industry adapts to find new and innovative ways to utilize the new technology. After all, it’s the legacy that modern supply chains are built on.

Universal Product Codes

Nowadays, people take barcodes for granted, but before they existed, it was much harder to effectively track shipments. The Universal Product Code (UPC) helps track items that are traded regularly from place to place.

As soon as UPCs started appearing on packaging, the entire supply chain started to move a lot faster. Cargo didn’t need to be opened anymore for the contents to be revealed, and hand counts became a thing of the past. Those twelve numbers really packed a punch.

Lean Manufacturing

Toyota forever changed the face of manufacturing and logistics as a whole. Lean manufacturing was built from The Toyota Method, which focuses on reducing waste and improving efficiencies.

While the impact of lean manufacturing on warehouses is pretty obvious, the difference it makes for supply chains is just as important. A correctly implemented lean manufacturing system creates continuous movement in a supply chain. That means there are no moments when one part of the chain is waiting on the other. This means the entire thing can move much more quickly and efficiently. The actions at the manufacturing facility directly impact the movement of the fleet on the cargo itself. That’s why the invention of lean manufacturing made such a huge impact on the logistics field as a whole.

For as long as there has been trade, there have been supply chains. The TOC team is glad to be carrying on and improving that legacy. Need help increasing your efficiencies or shipping your cargo? Reach out to us. Let’s create the future together.


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