Shifting Services to Meet Rising Needs

Apr 2, 2020International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

At this point, there likely isn’t a single industry that has not felt some type of impact from COVID-19. However, in response to the impact that the virus is having on the world, there are businesses that are stepping up to help in any way they can, even if that means venturing into a service or production area that is unfamiliar.

Because there are a lot of people stepping up to do some incredible things amidst this crisis, we wanted to take a look at how companies are giving back in dire times.

Expanding Services

As demand raises for items like hand sanitizer, ventilators, and personal protective equipment (PPE), companies around the world are shifting operations from their usual goods to those that are essential.

General Motors (GM), Ford and Tesla, which are best known for producing automotive goods, are currently in the process of shifting their focus to create ventilators, masks and other PPE to help those who have been infected with COVID-19. They are perhaps the most notable case of this, but they are hardly the only companies that are reassessing their production to address the needs of the public.

Many small and large distilleries are also shifting their focus. Instead of creating alcoholic beverages, they have been using their alcohol to create much-needed hand sanitizer.


Many businesses that already create these essential products are working at or beyond capacity. These companies are collaborating with other manufacturers, sharing blueprints and processes, and expanding their capacity in order to service the growing demands.

By doing this, they can produce more goods that are pivotal to the fight against COVID-19. It’s just another way that people and companies are working together to stop the spread of the virus. 

Altering Supply Chains

All of these shifts in operations also mean that companies are adjusting the flow of goods in and out of their facilities. They’re relying on different suppliers or supplying to different sources, which means that the entire supply chain is in flux.

Throughout all of this, 3PLs like TOC Logistics are working on a per-customer basis to find the fastest way to get these products where they’re needed with the most efficient routing, all while saving money. Our team is working alongside supply chains of different sizes to ensure that our customers see minimal disruption for serving their customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Do you need help navigating these challenging times? Reach out to our team. We’d love to work with you.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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