Sister Company Spotlight: ProTrans

Jul 20, 2023Blog, TOC Team

Which organization optimizes supply chains, provides tailored solutions, and increases efficiency for its customers? If you guessed TOC Logistics, you’re right, but we want to introduce you to another service provider that offers all of these services for domestic transport. Meet one of our sister companies, ProTrans.

With nearly three decades of experience, ProTrans is no stranger to the industry. Still, if you aren’t familiar, we figured we’d give you a formal introduction to who they are, what they do, and how we fit together.

The Basics

It all started in 1993 when Craig Roeder founded ProTrans. His main focus was offering top-quality customer service and savings. While working for another logistics company, Roeder conceptualized the idea of consolidating partial truckloads onto a single trailer and only charging customers for the space they used. Saving customer money has been in ProTrans’ DNA since the beginning.

This simple concept changed everything. Roeder founded ProTrans as a logistics management company specializing in consolidated freight service. The following years saw the addition of 3PL services, C-TPAT, and Smartway certifications, as well as insurmountable growth.

ProTrans eventually created an international department in 2005. By 2011, the international department outgrew ProTrans and became its own entity—TOC Logistics International. Soon, the growth expanded, and ProTrans Holdings acquired TOC, ProTrans, ProTrans Global, and Millennial Transport Services. You can learn a bit more about these other sister companies in another blog.

Let’s See the Strategy

Strategy is second nature to ProTrans. That’s why they offer a wide range of services, from LTL freight consolidation to capacity optimization, transportation mode changes, and more.

Consolidation services are based on reducing spend, creating efficient routing, and strengthening plans for organizations and their unique needs. Each customer has varying goals, and ProTrans is quick to evaluate what organizations need to achieve them. Consolidation and capacity optimization strategies are focused on—you guessed it—reducing spend.

In addition to helping customers save big, ProTrans is well-versed in mode changes and network configuration. Thanks to carrier relationships, certifications and requirements, and years of experience, ProTrans handles the details of domestic supply chains so your organization doesn’t have to.

It’s in the Management

Efficient supply chain management is possibly the most important aspect of ensuring your shipments are getting where they need to be, when they need to be there. It takes time, analysis, and understanding of the industry to effectively manage supply chain operations.

Fortunately for your organization, ProTrans is skilled in each of these areas. They offer full service 3PL management, time critical logistics, analysis and continuous improvement, supply chain sustainability, and a wide range of other services.

What do these services have in common? They’re integral to a well-functioning supply chain, but they take time and expertise to understand and implement. ProTrans wants customers to get the most out of their supply chains, which is why ProTrans offers so many varied services. For example, Operations and Support gives teams access to experts on route planners, carrier teams, and customer support. In addition, organizations receive consistent updates on changes, spend, and strategy.

TOC Logistics is so happy to have started out as a division of ProTrans. We’re grateful for their continuous dedication to customers and our industry while they optimize domestic supply chains in new and increasingly effective ways. If you’d like to get connected, reach out to ProTrans here (or give us a shout).


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