Special Considerations for Medical Device Logistics

Dec 13, 2018Customs Brokerage, International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

The medical device industry is worth more than $300 billion and has many challenges when it comes to logistics that are unlike any other industry. Medical device supply chains have matured in the past few years and now extend beyond the pick, pack, and ship system to advanced value-added services. Medical devices require complete compliance with stringent regulations in order to transport them successfully and efficiently.

There are a few special considerations to consider implementing in your supply chain system to best support medical device logistics; here are our expert team’s top 4 considerations:

1. Integrated Supply Chain

An integrated supply chain is a key asset in the success of transporting medical devices. The synching of warehousing and distribution is a great first step in integrating your supply chain. The synergy of these two sections of supply chain will allow for more efficient and effective transport for the devices. When both the warehouse and distribution centers are speaking to one another consistently there is less room for risk to occur.

2. Optimization

Optimization for the medical device industry requires a multi-faceted look; shelf-life of components, obsolescence of tech, maintenance parts needs, manufacturing requirements and overall logistics costs. Finding ways to optimize the transport of medical devices throughout the supply chain process will save costs for both you and your client when the decision is made collaboratively within your organization.

3. Customs Brokerage

By implementing a customs brokerage department, or leveraging the one you already have, the expertise will help tremendously when transporting medical devices. There are strict stipulations, regulations, and guidelines when it comes to moving medical devices across borders. Having an expert team of customs brokers will streamline that process.

Custom brokers are trained to understand the laws of transporting to and from anywhere in the world and can offer knowledgeable, strategic plans that should be included in your supply chain.

4. Technology

Utilizing the right and current technology to accompany your supply chain can increase your efficiency and also keep your client’s medical devices protected. If transporting biologic and human plasma-based drugs, a controlled environment is required due to their specific shelf-lives. Numerous apps have now been created to help monitor and regulate the temperature in the transport process. Integrating these technologies is extremely beneficial in medical device transport.

You have already taken a great first step by recognizing where considerations should be applied when transporting medical devices; implementing these considerations is the next step to a successful supply chain.


If you want to learn more about how TOC integrates these considerations and more into our supply chains, give us a call, we would love to work with you.


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