Staff Spotlight: Luis Quibrera

Aug 27, 2020TOC Team

Our team is filled with people who are passionate about helping customers succeed every day.

This is incredibly true when it comes to Luis Quibrera, our Mexico Country Manager. He has a way of lighting up the room when he walks in, and he uses that positive energy to benefit our customers’ international logistics. Keep reading to get to know him better!


Luis’ daily responsibilities at TOC require him to work alongside coworkers from different departments. Luckily, every member of our team actively fosters a collaborative and engaged culture.

“Every member of our team…gives me at least a ‘hi’ or ‘bye’, and that means everything, because you can share in this multicultural thing,” Luis said. “The way that everyone is open to learn and open to teach, and the open minds that we have here at TOC…it’s fantastic.”


Balancing customs and international logistics isn’t an easy task, but Luis excels at it every single day. Not only is he a source of industry expertise, but Luis can help make every customer feel like they’re truly being heard.

Perhaps that’s because Luis is so passionate about his job. “I am trying to describe TOC in three words. It’s very difficult,” he said with a smile on his face. “But I think that for me…it’s a commitment, it’s a journey, and it’s fun!”

By harnessing these values, Luis can ensure that cargo passes in and out of Mexico without unnecessary delays. If something comes up, he and his department are certain to contact our customers, and when they do, Luis makes sure they come with a solution.


Learn more about Luis by watching the video below, and then get in contact with us! We’d love to work with you and all your international logistics needs.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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