Strengthening Air Cargo Security

Jun 14, 2018Air Exports, International Logistics

Security is vital in the industry of air cargo supply chain, and it is crucial for all regulators, companies, and service providers to be on the same page for utmost security and efficient flow of commerce.

The Cargo Security Working Group (CSWG), founded by IATA, is a globally balanced group that collaborates on ensuring airline experiences and constraints are taken into consideration when developing effective security regulations. CSWG is leading several different initiatives in an effort to support regulators and strengthen overall supply chain security.

Here’s a look at a few of these initiatives:



The effort Advance Cargo Information catalyzes border processes and alleviates delays. Border delays are costly for air shipments and they disrupt aviation schedules, so IATA is working to create a standard approach that complies with government regulations and requires clearance information for cargo prior to arrival.



By requiring proper documentation from aircraft operators, the Consignment Security Declaration (CSD) creates an audit trail of how, when and by whom cargo was secured in the supply chain. This standard CSD developed by the IATA eliminates a plethora of different security declarations from various regulators in the industry.



To guarantee air cargo is protected from unlawful interferences, the IATA set up the Cargo Security Capacity Building program that provides trainings, best practices and templates for efficient air cargo procedures. These resources promote government standards and help to protect air cargo from departure to destination.



IATA encourages air carriers to comply with EU ACC3 Validation, a process that provides necessary assessments for shipping validation. This assessment information is leveraged to alleviate the process for non-EU countries to be approved by European Union aviation securities.

TOC Logistics complies with each of the above initiatives to ensure great relations with aviation security regulators, and to provide the best services and solutions to our customers.

We are proud to have received IATA Certification, symbolizing our proven high-quality service and dependability with airlines.



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