Supply Chain Analysis

Aug 4, 2016News

Supply chain analysis is an essential part of logistics. Without supply chain analysis, the ability to quantifiably forecast potential chances within the supply chain would be more difficult and the market would be more difficult to understand. Supply chain analysis is a compilation of technology that takes a detailed look at the inputs and outputs of the supply chain process. This helps logistics organizations understand the changes in demand, production techniques, and the influences that are currently impacting the market supply, and how it may change.  The understanding to the overall supply chain that is provided by supply chain analysis can also be used to make key policy decisions for manufacturing businesses as well as logistics organizations.

Supply chain analysis is made possible through various technologies, the Internet of Things, and big data, thus allowing for supply chain organizations, like TOC Logistics to better understand the influencers of the market and how they may impact supply, demand, and the transportation process. Having accurate data about these three factors greatly influence an organization’s ability to plan their inventory, transportation routes, and to reduce their supply chain spend. This also helps in making policy decisions that improve the organization’s bottom line.

As roles and responsibilities become more defined, and as technology becomes more important, supply chain management and analysis is an essential part of allowing your organization to thrive. This allows for the supply chain to become increasingly more complex, and thus more accurate when the technologies and new roles are seamlessly integrated for overall optimization. Supply chain analysis technology has allowed for electronic invoicing, improved shipment tracking, and the ability to customize even the most complex routes. While it has taken time to optimize this transparency and accountability to clients, it has become an essential aspect of the successful supply chain.

Transparency and risk mitigation have become essential in the modern supply chain. Clients not only love the transparency of being able to track every move, and measure overall performance, but they also increasingly expect it. Supply chain analysis and its corresponding technology make this possible for logistics organizations of all sizes, thus improving the industry as a whole.

At TOC Logistics, we believe in using technology and allocating our team members in roles that will help us perform accurate and transparent analyses on all aspects of the supply chain process. From there, we are able to provide support, data, mitigated risk, and customized solutions. TOC’s visibility tools provide key insights to our clients about how to spend less.  Successful supply chains focus on the truth of what is being spent, rather than on the hope of low prices.  In using this perfect blend of technology and expertly filled roles, we are able to create custom solutions for every supply chain. Contact us today to see how we can help your organization with their supply chain needs.


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