Tackling the Logistics Industry in 2021

Dec 31, 2020International Logistics

Every year, industry veterans have a decent idea of what to expect when the calendar starts from the beginning again. The industry has its busy times and its lulls, its predictable swings and its challenges.

However, this past year has thrown all of that to the wind. Instead, we now find ourselves facing a tidal wave of unknown as terminals are closed, supply chains are overwhelmed, and the same-old-same-old starts to look a little different.

Our team is great at rolling with the punches. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a few tips to help you keep your mind and mood fresh as we roll into whatever this next year brings.

Slow Down

We know. It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Our industry is renowned for quick shipping, expedited freight, and constant changes. However, whenever (or if ever) you’re off the clock or not on call, do yourself a favor. Take a deep breath and focus on yourself.

Try putting your phone and laptop away for a little while. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and place your tech in another room. Then just sit down, crack open a book, or meditate. Focus on the here and now. Don’t let yourself think about all the things you’re going to have to tackle as soon as that timer goes off. This is about taking a deep breath and stepping away.

It sounds silly but doing this once a day can really help you reset and reprioritize. When you get back to work, you’ll find yourself calmer and feeling more prepared to take on whatever the day throws your way.

Take Control

You may have realized by now that there are a lot of parts of the logistics industry you can’t control, like when a port closes or a route changes without warning. Instead of getting caught up in what you can’t control, focus on what you can.

This can apply to both in and out of work. If you’re feeling like nothing you do is making a dent, take a second to clean your (work from home) desk, sort your inbox, or make some coffee. Even try saying, “I’m in control” out loud. These small actions can help make the world seem a little more manageable, even during chaotic times.

Lean on Each Other

What’s the best part about working in the industry? You never have to do it alone. No matter where you’re at in a supply chain, there are other people working to achieve the same goals. If you’re feeling swamped, reach out to a coworker. Maybe you can swap tasks or brainstorm a solution. Maybe they have a connection or an idea you never would have thought of.

We’re strongest when we work together. There’s no shame in relying on each other to get the job done. In fact, when you collaborate, you’ll often find yourself with better outcomes than you could have achieved on your own.

As we get ready to welcome the new year, know that our team is here to have your back, no matter what 2021 brings. Reach out to us now. We’ll get through this together.


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