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Aug 13, 2015News

In an age where Amazon is working to provide same-day shipping via drone, the logistics of distribution warehouses have to be in-sync at all times – no exceptions. Even though most distribution warehouses don’t have the capacity to ship out large units of goods via drone (yet), there is still an expectation among the industry to be timely, effective, and responsive.

In order to maintain this level of efficiency and speed within such a large space, distribution warehouses operate on streamlined services utilizing software, constant communication, robotics and common sense tactics in packing and shipping.

As with many industries today, software is the driving force of automated, faster service. Inbound Logistics, a leader in industry practices and news, advises that the best distribution warehouses utilize a mixture of Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) and automatic data collection technology for the very best and most efficient management processes. These two processes cover planning for the day (knowing what they will be receiving is helpful in scheduling inbound reception), and tracks where any given number of product is moving at any given moment.

Constant communication helps move along product by keeping everyone on the line – from shipper to receiver – aware of product movement and maintenance. Furthermore, when a shipment center requires such crucial staff involvement, keeping lines of communication open from management to floor-level employees keeps product moving. Product, when managed with communication and ample contingency planning, keeps it moving forward to the intended conclusion – timely and undamaged delivery to the customer.

Much of the robotics involved in distribution warehouses are acutely interconnected with the software systems mentioned above. For some, this means utilizing weight and height measuring systems to effectively place and move product. Others evaluate their own systems by using robotics and software to ensure total effectiveness in a particular program or unit of the warehouse.

The goal of distribution warehouses is to pass products through the least amount of hands, programs and ports as possible, making it less likely to get lost in the maize that a warehouse can become on a busy day.

Distribution warehouses are able to run smoothly and effectively with the help of a software system that can handle SKUs, data collection and ASNs. With staff collaboration to ensure a shipment is handled with the utmost care and using common sense matters such as first in-first out (FIFO), products can get out quickly with high satisfaction.

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