Technology – The Importance of Portals

May 19, 2016News

Transparency and visibility are exceedingly important aspects of supply chain management. At TOC Logistics, we believe that in using strong communication and innovative technology we can create effective transparency and visibility to accompany our custom solutions. We understand how important it is for our clients to be aware of what is happening to their shipments and when they will arrive, which is why we give all clients confidential access to our web-based portal.

Thanks to transportation management system technology, capacity management technology, online tracking, and the Internet of Things, we are able to provide time-sensitive and transparent access to allow you to monitor your shipment status. That transparency also allows for us to create custom solutions and to be as efficient and effective as possible to meet all documentation, tracking, and custom’s needs for your shipment.

At TOC Logistics, we know that often our clients are anxiously waiting on their shipment to help make their consumers satisfied. Our online portal takes away from the surprise of when a shipment may arrive and what is happening along the way. We believe that the transparency in our process is important, and therefore we strive to give our clients complete visibility into what is happening with the products they entrusted to us.

Beyond the added comfort of knowing where your product is, online portals for tracking shipments are becoming a “must have” in the supply chain industry. You are not alone in wanting transparency and visibility with the status of your shipment. Website portals have helped build relationships throughout the supply chain industry and have given way to the latest wave of innovative technologies that strive to increase the visibility throughout the duration of the shipping process.

Portals also allow for supply chain organizations, such as TOC Logistics to save money during the shipping process, thus helping improve the client’s bottom line. The more transparent the supply chain is, the easier it is to identify and prevent potential problems. This process not only puts the client at ease knowing they’re receiving a transparent custom solution, but also helps us make sure that we not only meet our client’s goals, we exceed them.

Overall, we know that our clients chose our company for a few reasons, one of them being open lines of communication between TOC staff and their business. Tracking shipments provides our clients with autonomy to check the status of their own shipments. The safe, secure, and timely delivery of your company’s shipments is top priority for our entire team. Contact us today to learn more about how TOC Logistics can provide a custom solution to your supply chain needs.


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