The Benefits of Consolidation Programs

Jul 8, 2021Blog, Cargo Consolidation, International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Does your organization currently source from multiple suppliers near a single origin point or regularly utilize Full Container Loads (FCLs)? Are you simply looking to save time and money on shipments? If so, transferring to a shared consolidation program may help save money without sacrificing a tight timeline.

At TOC Logistics International, Inc., our shared consolidation programs are simplified to offer accessible pricing models to ship cargo, no matter the size. Read on to learn more about why using a shared consolidation program may be right for your organization.

Only pay for what you use

Consolidation can help keep freight on the move without sacrificing cost, especially when an organization is currently utilizing Full Container Loads (FCLs) but can’t always wait until there is enough stock to fill shipping containers completely. Our consolidation LCL program lets customers pay only for space they use. This saves them money and ensures they are shipping efficiently every time.

Take advantage of reduced risk

To ensure safe transit, we use dedicated automotive and industrial parts containers instead of FAK general cargo boxes. We also reduce handling, prompt fewer freight touches and faster CFS turn times. This results in less damage to your cargo.

Get an all-encompassing experience

When our team manages your organization’s entire program and consolidates it into a single network, we’re able to supply thorough updates in a consistent platform to keep you informed about shipments’ progress.

TOC knows a familiar face on almost every route, since we work with over 1,000 suppliers across the globe. By working with those suppliers and with our customers, we develop door-to-door tactical execution plans for cargo.

Reap the cost-saving benefits

Our consolidation solutions can even save a whopping 10-30% in shipping costs and transit time. Plus, we continuously assess supply chains for any opportunities to increase efficiencies as the industry changes and progresses.

Once a program is initiated, our team works with your organization throughout the year to identify any other opportunities for increased efficiencies. Those efficiencies stack up to save you money and improve the bottom line. Reach out to your TOC representative today to learn more about consolidation programs and how we can help your company save.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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