Third Party Logistics: What Does It Mean?

Nov 5, 2015News

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If you’re unfamiliar with TOC Logistics you might be wondering what we do exactly. If you are familiar with us, you may be wondering what our logistics jargon actually means. Sure, we’re a 3PL, but what does that mean? Today we’re here to explain third party logistics.

What is 3PL? 3PL is an abbreviation for third-party logistics provider. A third-party logistics provider is a logistics or supply chain firm that provides outsourced logistics services to their customers. At TOC Logistics, this service also invalids the use of our supply chain management functions. As a third-party logistics provider, we are able to specialize in customized services that allows us to meet and exceed our clients needs.

With the ability to provide integrated operations, warehousing and transportation services as a third-party logistics provider, TOC has grown to become an industry expert in solving the most complex supply chain challenges. Third-party logistics providers offer an assortment of benefits to their clients beyond convenience. Some of the major advantages that accompany utilizing a third-party logistics provider include time savings, lower costs, increased levels of flexibility, and a low capital commitment. As any business knows, those things are nothing to scoff over. The opportunities that reap the benefits when utilizing a third-party logistics provider are consequential for business owners who have a goal with a deadline.

As a third-party logistics provider, we handle everything from working with shippers, warehousing, transportation, transportation management software, your freight rate negotiation and much more. We act as a one stop shop to meet your needs and find innovative solutions to positively impact your bottom line.

At TOC, we handle all of the intricacies to make sure that your logistics needs are met. TOC provides expertise in technology, dedicated account management, high-touch customer service, and process optimization across all aspects of our clients’ businesses, regardless of the challenge. Our track record as a third-party logistics provider for primarily Fortune 100 & 500 companies shows the effectiveness of our programs and value of our client conversations.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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