TOC Europe

TOC Europe is a partnership with Ebrex, a European-based logistics company. Throughout their history, Ebrex has focused on alleviating customers’ transport concerns by providing tailor-made solutions and logistics services. This lasting, consistent service, and commitment to customers around the globe, made Ebrex the perfect partner to create a TOC Logistics network throughout continental Europe.

By developing and maintaining close cooperation EBREX_logowith the employees of their customers, Ebrex provides flexibility and tailor-made solutions geared to the specific needs of each individual customer. Healthy, continuous interaction ensures that each service truly matches individual requirements and develops into a business partnership based on trust, reliability, and mutual profitability.

Similar to TOC, Ebrex believes that their customers are more than just a number. Customers are constant partners in the success of logistical solutions. Ebrex engages customers in conversations about their solutions with language that is understandable, informative and effective – jargon free! 

Ebrex has a network of more than 60 regional handling hubs throughout Europe, all manned by committed employees eager to provide the most flexible service available.

Along with extending TOC’s European network, Ebrex works with TOC customers to provide services including:
International Road Freight
Storage and Distributions
Vendor Chasing
Customs Services
Value Added Logistics

Every decision we make here at TOC benefits our clients. Our expansion into the European market is no exception. In the past year we have seen an increase in demand from our clients in the European market which has allowed us to expand, creating the partnership with Ebrex to solidify an office overseas and to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients.