Top Careers in Logistics

Feb 18, 2021Blog, TOC Team

The logistics industry is fast-paced and demanding, and the state of affairs right now makes that more obvious than ever. Still, it’s a world filled with people who are passionate about their jobs and experts in their fields.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a job in logistics or continuing your supply chain journey, check out some of the great career paths below.

Supply Chain Manager

Some people are natural-born leaders. Supply chain managers are those people. They are all in on the production flow, purchasing and delivery of final products. With their hands in every part of the supply chain, we really couldn’t do what we do without them.

Logistics Engineer

Would you consider yourself to have a mathematical mind? Logistic engineering might be the right path for you. We utilize logistic engineers to provide effective support of products and equipment while evaluating inventory and maximizing efficiency. They help keep the supply chain working smarter, not harder.

Freight Agent

Are you a hands-on type of person? Are you unafraid to tackle large shipments? In the logistics field, we put a lot of trust and expectations in our freight agents. We expect them to deliver, maneuver and transport critical hauls to keep the supply chain moving. If you’re the dependable type, this could be the place for you.


At TOC, we believe in flexibility in the workplace, which isn’t always standard in our industry. The work/life balance in logistics is crucial for long-lived employee retention. Learn more about what sets our culture apart by reading our recent blog.

Reach out if these sound like careers you’d be interested in. We’d love to talk!


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