Weather Advisory January 2024

Jan 17, 2024Market Advisory

We’d like to notify you of crucial weather advisories impacting both Germany and the United States. The forecasted heavy snowfall and icy road conditions, coupled with alerts from the German Weather Service, have prompted unavoidable disruptions in transportation systems.


Due to forecasted heavy snowfall and icy road conditions in central and southern Germany, the German Weather Service issued warnings affecting transportation. Ground movements to export consolidation facilities and outbound door moves for deliveries within Europe could be delayed. Frankfurt airport experienced disruptions, canceling flights temporarily due to de-icing challenges, with limited service. Munich Airport and Saarbrucken Airport also faced cancellations and closures. Train services by Deutsche Bahn are affected, with delays and cancellations, and a precautionary reduction in high-speed train speeds. The extreme risk of black ice and heavy snowfall is expected to persist through Thursday in affected regions.


The latest winter storm has impacted areas in Tennessee and Kentucky. Memphis, along with surrounding LTL terminals temporarily closing, affecting pickups. Weather delays persist in the Midwest and Northeast, with cold temperatures causing truck and trailer issues, as well as some roads becoming impassable. Winter Storm Heather is anticipated to continue to affect the South and East, bringing more snow and ice, potentially delaying some lanes. All centers in our network are open today and starting to receive and move freight that has been delayed. However, another storm is moving in toward the end of this week with more snow and ice that could impact several areas again. The storm is tracking eastward, bringing snow to the Midwest and East, and a mix of snow and ice in the Northwest.

Please stay safe and plan accordingly, considering potential disruptions. We’ll update you with more information as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your representative.


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