What to Know Before Shipping High-Valued Goods

May 9, 2019Supply Chain Management

High-Value Shipment (HVS) refers to the shipment of valuable and special cargo. While it can be quite costly, it is very important to take the proper steps towards protecting your HVS, as losing or damaging cargo can be even more expensive than the protection you could have utilized.

Our expert team knows how stressful planning shipments can be, especially high-value shipments, and that’s why we are here to help. Here is an overview of best practices for shipping HVS:


There are special guidelines to follow when shipping high-value cargo and the guidelines change depending on the cargo type. For example, high-value jewelery often needs to be accompanied by a guard when shipped, while artwork needs to be packed in v-shaped crates to prevent other cargo from being stacked on top of it.

Before you ship an item of high value, review guidelines and ensure you are following the standards for that type of item.

Trusting Partnership

It is vital to the shipment process to have a trusted partner, regardless if the cargo is of high value or not. Before entering a partnership, check their credientials. A shipping company must be IATA, FMC licensed, NVOCC bonded, and TSA certified in order to have the ability to ship legally.

You should also ensure that your shipping partner has experience shipping high-valued goods – check that they have the proper and appropriate tools to secure and protect your cargo. Don’t let your HVS get cross-docked, as your cargo will pass through many hands in each phase of shipment instead of one supervisor overseeing the shipment.


When you have a trusted partner and the correct guidelines in place, the final consideration for shipping high-valued goods is to protect your cargo. Go beyond the standard provided insurance coverage and add a rider to cover the total cost and value of your shipment.

To further protect your cargo, consider using a partner that utilizes satellite tracking. This way you are able to see where your cargo is, if it is stopped or moving, and if the engine is off.

For more information about how to transport HVS and how we provide protection for high-valued cargo, please contact a member of our team today.



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