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Jan 16, 2020International Logistics, Supply Chain Management

There are a lot of publications in the logistics industry. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, it’s why we are so well read.

We subscribe to a lot of different publications, from all over the world. In fact, many of the publications we reference are in Spanish. Here are just a few of the English-speaking publications that we reference on a regular basis.

Logistics Viewpoints

With so much information about the industry flying around, it can be hard to find the stories that impact you and your business. That’s why we love Logistics Viewpoints.

The mission of Logistics Viewpoints is to provide logistics professionals with clear and concise analyses of trends, technologies, and services. Since launching in 2009, the publication provides information about how emerging trends in technology, outsourcing, regulations, and business practices can impact the businesses and companies we work with.

The Logistics Report from The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a name that most people recognize. Luckily, this publication also has The Logistics Report, which is dedicated to providing information about the logistics industry. We refer to this for updated information about what’s going on across the world.

Better yet, The Logistics Report also sends out a regular newsletter, which gives important, high-level updates on need-to-know information. We look forward to getting it in our inboxes in the morning, so we’re always on top of industry news.

Supply Chain Digest

Supply Chain Digest is a weekly online newsletter with timely information, news and commentary that summarizes and synthesizes important information for busy supply chain and logistics professionals.

What sets this publication apart is that it does more than just regurgitate industry news. The Supply Chain Digest team reviews hundreds of news articles, research reports, analyst opinions and other news sources to determine what information will be most valuable for readers. They then go one step further to provide additional insights and expert commentary.

Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics (IL) has been around for a very long time. It provides information on speeding and reducing inventory, in addition to how to realign businesses by better matching supply to demand.

This publication prides itself as being an information leader in the industry and as the change agent for reinventing supply chain processes. The Inbound Logistics team identified three qualities that separate their publication from others in the industry. Those include their vision and innovation, leadership, and credentials.

In April of 2019, we had an article published in Inbound Logistics about unplanned spend. If you didn’t get a chance to see if when it first ran, you can check it out here.

Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive is a digital publication that provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends that are shaping supply chain management. The newsletters and website cover topics such as logistics, freight, operations, procurement, regulation, technology, and more.

This publication also ran an article about unplanned spend and protecting yourself from unforeseen downtime in July of 2019. You can read it here.


We couldn’t talk about our favorite industry publications without mentioning JOC. JOC is known for providing timely information on the different parts of the supply chain. The publication is broken down into sections based on what matters most to its readers, so you can find relevant information quickly.

We are proud to have worked with JOC on several articles about our industry. You can read the most recent one from September 2019 by clicking here.

We take being a leader in the industry seriously. That means constantly staying up to date and sharing our expertise by publishing articles to educate others in the industry. Do you have a question about something we’ve published or some of the other publications we review? Contact us today or reach out to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


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