Why You Need a 3PL Right Now

Apr 23, 2020

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to stay on top of the most recent updates in the supply chain and logistics industry. While countries close in as little as a few hours’ notice, goods, services, data, and communication needs to continue to flow across borders.

That’s where you can benefit from third-party logistics. In this turbulent situation, being able to comfortably hand off some of your supply chains’ operations to a competent partner can be a game changer and time saver so you can focus on your operations.

Utilizing Relationships

One of the best benefits of working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is that many 3PLs have industry relationships that can make a huge difference for you and your team.

With ports opening and closing constantly and with multiple businesses clamoring for cargo space, industry relationships can be the difference between receiving your shipment or waiting for months. Plus, these relationships can save you time and money.

Analyzing Data

3PLs work with a large variety of supply chains, which means they have a very high-level view of data. Plus, the advanced systems they use to keep track of shipments and delays set the stage for comprehensive data analysis.

By looking at trends, our team can help identify inefficiencies in your supply chain and offer solutions to make them more efficient. This can save you time and money in the long run, and it can even reduce the amount of individual shipments you’re sending. In a global supply chain with limited space, this can be a huge benefit.

Keeping You Informed

You have to worry about your day-to-day operations. Let us worry the ever-changing global logistics climate. Situations are changing so quickly that it’s essential to constantly have an ear to the ground about what’s going on. Luckily, 3PLs like TOC Logistics can keep an eye out for you and inform you about what really matters.

There is a lot of news coming in constantly about the state of the logistics industry. We’ll filter through the noise for you and let you know what changes will affect your business, so you can focus on actually running your business.


Are you ready to work with a 3PL to help you navigate the COVID-19 crisis? Reach out to our team. We can’t wait to help.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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