An Intro to Transport Management Systems

Aug 26, 2021Blog, Business Intelligence, Engineering and Analysis, Supply Chain Management

As explored in a previous blog, Transport Management Systems (TMS) are an invaluable tool in ensuring secure and easy cargo transport. When paired with a highly adaptable team, they offer incredible insight and optimization of your organization’s cargo—from departure to arrival at its destination.

We broke down some of the top benefits of partnering with a company like TOC logistics, which utilizes TMSs to consistently deliver real cost savings for your business.

Monitor Trends to Increase Efficiency

Transport management systems (TMSs) work to identify and measure trends in your organizations’ supply chain efficiencies. Using a TMS highly automates many parts of the supply chain process. However, our solutions and operations team continues to oversee supply chains, since we believe in a personalized approach. 

Access Documentation and Track Progress

With the push to digital processes taking over the supply chain, your organization needs to keep pace. Using a TMS allows for easy storage of essential cargo information, all kept in one readily accessible location. 

Plus, since we can grant different access levels to various members of your team, all key players will be able to access and add documents in one centralized, secure location. This also allows authorized team members to track progress as cargo moves from one location to another, enabling them to estimate the time of arrival.

Discover Cost Savings 

The first step to creating an optimized supply chain is identifying areas for improvement. Our team analyzes metrics to spot anomalies in data and find new ways organizations can save. Then we come to you with variable, customized solutions for your specific situation. Every data set is different, and we believe every approach we offer should be just as unique as the customers we’re supporting.

At TOC Logistics, our team implements and oversees our TMSs to consistently deliver real cost savings for your business. Contact your TOC representative today to learn how our transport management systems can better serve your organization’s individual needs.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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