Technology: Tracking Shipments

Jun 4, 2015News

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Here at TOC Logistics International, we believe that among a comprehensive list of necessities for success there are two strong outliers: strong communication and innovative technology. We understand how important it is for your company to be aware of what is happening to your shipments and to be informed of when your shipments will arrive.

TOC provides you with confidential access to a web-based portal that allows you to monitor your shipment status. On the back end, the same comprehensive transportation management system allows us to be as efficient as possible in order to meet all customer documentation and tracking needs.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our Transportation Management Software is a key component in allowing us to deliver the results that your company deserves. Our use of TMS permits us to be more efficient with the extensive planning and documentation of your company’s international shipments, resulting in the ability for us to provide competitive pricing on our logistics management services. TMS highly automates many parts of the supply chain process while being overseen by TOC’s solutions and operations team. This combination allows details about your company’s shipments to be accessed and viewed at all times. From picking goods up at your supplier’s dock on the other side of the globe, to the port for loading, onto the steam line (or airplane), traveling around the world, arriving through customs clearance, back on a truck and delivered to your door…TOC is tracking your shipment every step of the way.

Online Tracing & Tracking System

We provide a secure customer tracking service on our website that allows clients to see how their shipments are tracking. Often times, customers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of goods needed for production or order fulfillment. TOC’s online tracking system gives our clients the ability to watch their shipments as they are delivered to certain check points and then the final destination. We believe that the transparency in our process is important and therefore gives clients complete visibility into what is happening with the products they entrust to us.

Capacity Management

Our capacity management software is imperative to saving clients time and money. It allows us to be more efficient in the stacking and loading processes. This means that we have the ability to safely utilize transportation space available in air-craft or in 20 foot or 40 foot containers. Optimizing the space available lowers overall transportation cost and ultimately reduces expenses on all fronts.

Overall, we know that our clients chose our company for a few reasons, one of them being open lines of communication between TOC staff and their business. Tracking shipments provides our clients with autonomy to check the status of their own shipments. This relatively simple taskprovides clients with confidence, or the information to raise a flag with further inquiry if the delivery timeframe becomes a critical concern.

Technology and communication are key at TOC Logistics International. The safe, secure, and timely delivery of your company’s shipments is top priority for our entire team. We utilize our technologically advanced software system to help us identify issues before they become problems, keeping a clear line of communication open about the status of your shipments—ultimately, saving everyone time and money.

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