Current Threats to Supply Chains

Sep 28, 2017News

As companies become more resilient by leveraging their own data assets and utilizing tools that are meant to build better supply chains, they are increasing their networks. Various technologies help corporations depending on supply chains handle any disruptions and mitigate risk.

But, the same technologies that are providing better data, communication, and management are also opening these chains up to new risks. While threats to supply chains vary year by year, many remain constant. These are the dangers currently threatening supply chains:


Growing Supply Chains

The connecting and growing of supply chains is not only a perk, but it’s also a threat.

Chains are sharing data and information but they often get so large that corporations don’t always know who is in their supply chain. They are spending large amounts of time and money to identify this rather than taking the time to predict and plan for risk. This leads to companies that simply react as problems arise, and this is a dangerous way to do business.


Cyber Attacks

With more connectivity comes increased risks and, often, the solutions we implement can lead to more problems. As suppliers and the companies they support share more and more information, the probability of a cyber attack grows. Cyber attacks to supply chains are becoming more frequent and intense.  

Cyber attacks can shut down operations and cost companies millions of dollars but, despite the risk, many companies remain slow to guard against these threats. Because of the complexity and cost of setting up protections against invisible foes, many corporations simply don’t do it.


Social Issues

While this type of threat is decreasing compared to previous years, protests over wage and labor issues have been seen across Asia and could continue, eventually trickling down and affecting supply chains. When workers strike or migrant workers are deported, there is no product being created. And when no product is created, there is nothing to ship.

There is also an emerging concern over strikes within the shipping industry itself as workers in the logistics sector, trucking, shipment processing and delivery, strike. These instances have risen more than fourfold from 2014 to 2016.



BSI (the British Standards Institution) reported an increase in thefts from freight shippers in Germany and an increase in terrorist attacks in both Germany and France. There have also been dozens of counter-terrorism attacks across Europe. Some of these attacks have even been aimed at disrupting the supply chain. Supply chain terrorism attacks involving supply chain targets rose 16% compared to attacks that did not target the supply chain.

Theft also remains a consistent concern in the Americas with the most significant rise occurring in Rio de Janeiro last year.

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