How to Start a Career in Logistics

Oct 7, 2021Blog, Supply Chain Management, TOC Team

The logistics industry is rarely dull, for better or worse. Despite its unpredictability, it can be an incredibly rewarding career field. With the current rise in online shopping, pandemic-related demands, and an endless flow of products across the globe, logistics is a crucial industry for the worldwide economy.

Are you up for the challenge? Read on to find out some of the basics of breaking into a career in logistics. 

Important Skills for the Logistics Industry

No matter which position you apply for, there are a bunch of essential skills that you’ll need to have. Take a look at three of the top traits that add up to industry success:

  • Adaptability & Problem-Solving Skills

    In the logistics industry, everything can and will happen. From containers falling off of ships and into the sea to severe weather delays, air freight and trucking shortages, you must be able to handle any snags or hiccups that might occur along the way. Adaptability is key to supply chain management success and keeping happy customers. They are relying on you to present the best solutions to a slew of unprecedented problems that affect their timeline, customer satisfaction, and company goals.

  • Stress Management

    The unpredictability of the logistics industry can be a big source of stress for those who might be unprepared for it. Logistics often creates a high-intensity environment, full of unexpected changes, along with customer, internal, and external pressures that can add up to some seriously stressful situations. Being able to cope with stress and manage it on a daily basis is important to prevent burnout in the long run.

  • Big-Picture Vision

    Although supply chain management might just seem like you’re moving something from point A to point B, it’s important to think about the big picture at all times. Vital skills for any logistics professional include keeping mindful of potential problems that may arise, actively problem solving to increase customer savings, and making sure tactics support the overall goals of the customer’s organization.


Qualifications, Education, and Experience

The logistics industry is one of the few careers that does not require a college degree. Requirements vary greatly by position and depend on the role you’re applying for. Your career may rely on practical experience, qualifications from a certified partner, or even specialized training from an accredited institution. 

Even though college degrees aren’t always required, a bachelor’s degree in some of the following areas can give you a strong starting point for breaking into the field: Business Communications, Mathematics, Systems Engineering, Business Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Some roles, like senior management or analyst positions, may require a master’s degree or extensive experience to qualify. TOC works with our team members to provide the education they need to make these positions and others available to them.

Learning a foreign language or becoming bilingual can be an incredibly valuable skill, since the logistics industry involves a massive web of interconnected locations and international markets. Bridging the gap between teams with increased language abilities is considered a great strength for any international logistics company.

TOC Logistics is based on diversity, ​​ethics, teamwork, and integrity. If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the logistics industry with robust benefits, advancement opportunities, and an amazing team, look no further than our current openings. Click here to see open opportunities at TOC today.


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