Preparing for Inclement Weather

Aug 5, 2021Blog, Supply Chain Management, Unplanned Spend

2020 brought an influx of bad weather, with more than 20 weather and climate-related events that accumulated in billions of dollars worth of damages to supply chains. Since June marked the beginning of this year’s hurricane season, it’s an excellent time to assess how a major weather event may affect your organization’s supply chain flow.

Our team of experts took a closer look at the threats of inclement weather and climate-related events, along with what your organization can do to prepare.

Consequences of Disruption

Severe weather and climate-related events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and snowstorms, have the potential to create an incredible amount of disruption. These challenges can quickly trickle down the supply chain, from manufacturers, carriers, and shippers, to customers worldwide.

A major disruption could lead to supply issues, delays, and missed deadlines, all of which could upset customers and result in costly demands for your organization.

Here are some ways to help circumvent inevitable delays and disruptions brought about by these unpredictable forces of nature.

Put a Plan in Place

As noted in our previous blog on hurricane season preparedness, it’s vital to create a clear plan of action for inclement weather and related events. This means preparing your supply chain so that a crisis can be handled immediately, rather than wasting time sorting out what to do once it hits. Deciding in advance where to divert cargo, redirect supply sourcing, and clearly outlining delay procedures in contracts all help avoid the scramble of navigating unexpected issues.  

Communicating this plan throughout your organization and making partners aware of it is essential so that it can go off without a hitch, should the urgent need arise. You should be especially mindful of important factors such as how to handle high-value goods, in-transit cargo, warehoused stock, and staff members that may be operating in or headed to the affected area. 

Stay Ahead of the Storm

Use trusted resources to stay on top of developing events and adjust your response accordingly. Make sure to frequently check weather resources and industry news outlets, as severe weather events and climate-related disasters tend to evolve quickly. Our Market Advisory page regularly updates with important industry conditions and can help advise on these and many other disturbances in the supply chain.

Overall, having a clear plan in advance of an emergency is half of the battle when it comes to navigating inclement weather. Your organization’s TOC representative is here to help you do just that. Reach out today to discuss your emergency preparedness plans and find peace of mind for your logistics needs. 


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