Hurricane Season: How to Prepare for Severe Weather

Jun 13, 2019Blog

This blog is now outdated. Please read the updated version here.

As we roll into the summer season in the northern hemisphere, it’s critical for supply chains to begin considering how to prepare for inclement weather. Hurricanes, severe storms, and more phenomena are inevitable, and these conditions can negatively impact logistics if no precautions are taken.

Our expert team has compiled a few steps you can take to prepare your supply chain for the weather to come.

Develop a Plan

It is essential that all supply chains create a crisis plan. When there are documented procedures for crisis situations, time can immediately be allocated towards addressing the problem instead of planning. This allows for supply chains to react quickly and efficiently in response to any potentially catastrophic situations that may arise. Remember: in a crisis, time is everything.

If your supply chain doesn’t have a documented plan for crisis situations, be sure to connect with all parties involved in order to create one. Take into account how to handle high-value goods, in-transit cargo, warehoused stock, and staff members that may be operating in or headed to the affected area. Include communication methods in this plan to assure that everyone is informed at all times.

Divert Assets Accordingly

When inclement weather is on the way to a specific region, preparations should be made for the diversion of stock and supplies. Since evacuation notices will likely create traffic jams, your supply chain will need to be ready to move on a moment’s notice.

Trucks, tractors, and other mobile assets should be transported before roads get congested. Since these assets are incredibly costly when lost, they should be the first things to mobilize. This also helps to ensure truck driver safety.

Remember to think about the employees and consumers in the region, as well. Consider what stock will need to be in surplus in a certain area and divert other stock to remote warehouses. If you have goods that will be useful for people who will be affected by the weather, be sure to send more of these to the area before conditions worsen.

Stay Informed

In order to react to conditions in a timely way, it’s important to stay informed. Make sure to frequently check weather resources and industry news outlets. Our Market Advisory page regularly updates with important industry conditions, so you and your supply chain can stay informed.

Do you need help managing potential crisis situations? Our expert team is very experienced with navigating complications created by weather conditions. Contact our team today.


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