Securing Supply Chains Against Delta

Sep 30, 2021Blog, Supply Chain Management

Clogged supply chains are facing new challenges as the Delta variant forces more port closures, manufacturing delays, and increased safety regulations.

How can you better prepare your organization’s supply chain for unsteady waters in an industry saturated with problems? Our team is here to help. See our tips for securing supply chains against Delta and other challenges.

Stay Flexible 

China’s Ministry of Transportation has ordered a zero-tolerance COVID-19 policy, which has been excellent for containment, but bad news for already congested ports and backlogged production. Under the new policy, China’s ports are requiring crews to present proof of health certificates or negative tests before loading or processing cargo. These delays and shutdowns are causing a cascading effect across the industry. 

The key to navigating the moving target of an evolving logistics landscape is flexibility. Increased port processing delays are calling for constant route adjustments, redirections, and schedule changes.

Consider Alternate Methods

Consolidation routing can help cut back on your expenses and timeframe, all while maintaining an efficient supply chain. Our team works with you throughout the year to identify any opportunities for buyer’s consolidation or increased efficiencies, even in the face of backed up ports. It is also wise to consider diversifying your portfolio of resources, relying on one supplier may result in increased backlogs based on accessibility, production, and transport.

Have a Plan in Place

Establish a robust crisis strategy so that your organization is ready for disruptions as they arise instead of being vulnerable to their unpredictability. At TOC, our team will handle all the details of your organization’s supply chain that you need help with to streamline the process, identify flaws and cost-saving benefits, and secure it against an ever-changing market. We offer everything from supplier management to route and mode optimization to carrier procurement, contracting, and more. No matter where you’re shipping, we have you covered. 

Ultimately, Delta is simply another challenge for the logistics industry to face, but it won’t be the last. After all, the logistics outlook is rarely dull these days. Let TOC help prepare your organization to cope with the trials of delays caused by Delta and the inevitable hurdles to come.


Our capable and experienced team is standing by to assist organizations and supply chains across the globe. Click the button to get in touch with our team.

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